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Beach Menu

Bao buns 7.50

Bao buns with tempura *shrimps, iceberg, sweet chili aioli. (3 pieces) * Frozen product

Club Sandwich 7.50

Club Sandwich with gouda cheese, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, ketchup. Served with french fries.

Club Sandwich Kyklades 8.50

Club Sandwich Kyklades with chicken filet, prosciutto, cheddar cheese, fried egg, tomato, iceberg, cocktail sauce.…

Chicken nuggets 6.00

Chicken *nuggets with french *fries and aioli sauce (6 pieces) * Frozen product

Tortilla or baguette with chicken filet 6.00

*Tortilla or *baguette with chicken filet, peppers, tomato, cucumber, cheddar cheese, iceberg, mango, chutney. Served…

Tortilla or baguette vegan 6.00

*Tortilla or *baguette vegan with grilled veggies, pesto di basilico, rocket, balsamic glaze. Served with…

Savory platter 7.50

Savory platter with graviera cheese, brie, emmendal, prosciutto, greek apaki, fresh fruits, dehydrated fruits, nuts,…

Fruit salad 7.00

Fruit salad with fresh summer fruits.

Ice Cream in jar (Traditional ice cream with 100% fresh milk) 5.00

Flavors: Chocolate with blueberry & raspberry / Strawberry with spoon sweet cherry Amarena / Caramel…

Appreciate the freshness of natural ingredients.

Delicious and wholesome dishes.


  • Burger

Vegetarian burger 9.00

Vegetarian burger with grilled talagani cheese, zucchini, tomato, onion, iceberg and yogurt sauce with spearmint…

  • Burger

Caesar burger 8.00

Caesar burger with chicken filet, tomato, parmesan, bacon, iceberg and caesar sauce. * The burger…

  • Burger

Truffle burger 7.50

Truffle burger with *beef patty, emmental cheese, teriyaki mushrooms, truffle mayo, tomato and iceberg. *…

  • Burger

Classic burger 7.00

Classic burger with *beef patty, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, iceberg and bbq sauce. * The…

Delight your taste buds.

Take in the sweetness.


Chocolate souffle 6.00

Chocolate souffle with greek limoncello ice cream. * Frozen product

Baklava 4.00

Baklava with kaimaki ice cream and Aegina peanut. * Frozen product

Millefeuille 4.00

Millefeuille with berry coulis, chantilly cream and fresh fruits. * Frozen product

Take a break from the waves.

Recharge, refuel, restart.


Kyklades breakfast 6.50

Kyklades breakfast with *croissant, oven baked *baguette, boiled egg, gouda cheese, bacon, marmalade, yogurt, fresh…

Appreciate the freshness of natural ingredients.

Delicious and wholesome dishes.


Salty cheesecake 6.50

Salty cheesecake with greek dakos, feta cream, tomato marmalade and balsamic glaze.

Grilled talagani 5.00

Grilled talagani cheese with rose chutney.

Grilled pleurotus 5.50

Grilled pleurotus mushrooms glazed with balsamic vinegar.

French fries with greek apaki 5.00

French *fries with greek apaki, caramelized onions and greek feta cheese. * Frozen product

French fries 4.00

French *fries with graviera cheese (or without graviera cheese). * Frozen product

Food is not just eating energy.

It’s an experience.


Green leaves salad 7.00

Green leaves salad with smoked salmon, avocado, green apple and citrus fruit vinaigrette.

Kyklades salad 6.00

Kyklades salad with tomato, zucchini, cappers, kritamo, feta cream, dakos and olives.

Caesar salad 6.00

Caesar salad with lettuce, iceberg, chicken filet, crispy bacon, parmesan, croutons, caesar dressing and balsamic…

Green garden salad 6.00

Green garden salad with zucchini, cucumber, feta cheese, pine nuts, croutons, spearmint and lemon vinaigrette.

The perfect start to your meal!

Enjoy the experience!

Main Courses*

Tagliatelle with shrimps 9.00

Tagliatelle with *shrimps, tomato sauce, greek ouzo and basil. * Frozen product

Tagliatelle with tuna 8.00

Tagliatelle with tuna, cappers, olives and cherry tomatoes.

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon 9.00

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon,heavy cream and vodka.

Mushroom risotto 7.00

Mushroom risotto with parmesan and truffle oil.

Beef steak 9.50

Beef steak with grilled veggies, aromatic butter and gravy sauce.

Homemade beef burger 8.80

Homemade beef burger with french fries, pita bread and yogurt sauce (2 pieces).

Chicken skewers 8.00

Chicken skewers with peppers and onion. Served with french fries and aioli sauce.

Pork bites 7.00

Pork bites with peppers, onion, cappers, white wine and graviera cheese.

Spaghetti with veggies 7.00

Spaghetti with veggies, napoli sauce and graviera flakes.

Greek style spaghetti carbonara 7.00

Greek style spaghetti carbonara with pork apaki, mushrooms and heavy cream.


Flavor is not just taste.

It’s also the texture and sensation.

Pasta - Rissoto

Pasta is love.

Meat is richness.


Delight your taste buds.

Take in the sweetness.


Make every meal worth remembering!

Share it with those you love.

Make every meal worth remembering!

Share it with those you love.


The perfect start to your meal!

Enjoy the experience!

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